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Can't get pictures from SD Card: Memory Card Error


I just got back from an incredible Las Vegas/Grand Canyon trip and took hundreds of pictures with my Canon Power Shot A470 camera using a PNY SD 2GB card. Everything was working fine until I took the card out of the camera and put it back again. Now all I get is a Memory Card Error message in my camera. I tried using the memory card ready on my PC and it doesn't register the card once I insert it. I also purchased a USB Memory Card Reader and it does not recognize the card as well. I have tried six different data recovery softwares without any success, including the cgsecurity PhotoRec that is recomended here. The card does not appear as a drive letter when mounted into a reader or my camera. How can I recover all those pictures?


Data Reccovery
Data Reccovery with programmable NAND Flash Reader. We get your Data Back even if not create the other Data Recovery.

Here too we can help! Send us the memory card or Memory Stick. We will Recover the data. Memory errors are common when the controller is the card defective.

Nice photos on the Memory Card? But no longer have access to the Data? This must not be. We can help when all seems lost.
krMedia Data Recovery specializes in the production lost previous data from flash memory media. In flash memory media is defined as memory cards such as SD, SDHC, XD, etc. USB flash drives and SSD hard drives.

USB Flash Drive and Memory Card Data recovery from manufacturers such as: TrekStor, Kingston, Sony, Intenso, Corsair, Transcend, Sandisk, Patriot, CnMemory, Buffalo, Imation, Extrememoryan many others.

We Recover your Data software and hardware as standard including through the expansion of the memory chips. This allows us to get up to 95% of all data back.

Do they want their data really back? Then they should send their storage medium. None Save more flash memory media as we do. Do not hesitate ...

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