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SD Flash Card Recovery

SD Flash Card Recovery

If the flash storage device is not recognized in the computer or it is impossible to access the data on it, there is only one way to get the data: unsolder the memory chip from the printed circuit board and directly access the raw data with a programmable chip reader. Below, you can see an illustration of our recovery process.

An SD Memory Card (Secure Digital Memory Card) is a digital flash memory.

The SD card has an integrated controller. The controller is great 32x24x2, 1 mm in size and has a storage capacity of 8 MB, ... 1024 MB, now it also releases up to 32 MB. Therefore, it may be indicative of the memory card is only 8MB or 32MB of whom it is defective.

Was initially the transfer rate of an SD memory card with about 3600 KB / s read and 800 KB / s write, there are now so-called high speed cards with transfer rates of 7000 KB / s read and 3500 KB / s write. The max. Values fluctuate greatly and are the SD-maker and subject to the use of equipment used.

When appearing in SD card problems and data can not be read, there are several scenarios that determine the likelihood of successful data recovery:

When Data can be saved?

  • The SD card is on the PC or a Cell Phone or a Camera just simply deleted. This data loss can usually be restored.

  • The SD card is detected, but an error essage and no Data. It's a good chance for recovery.

  • Card must be formatted (Memory Card Controller broken)

  • Abort the Data Transfer through empty Battery

  • Storage medium is no longer recognized (Memory Card Controller broken)

  • Error Message: Memory Card error - memory error - this card can not be used - card error - detected no disk - card not readable - SD card unusable - Replace card Defective please - Memory Card read error - is not this card usable - card error

  • Images are broken or damaged transferred to Computer

  • Damages due to external influences (fluids, heat, dirt)

  • Physical damage such as bent broken, without a Memory Chip Destruction

SD Card SD Memory Card to save Restore

Monolithic Memory Chip

Monolithic Memory Chip

Controller and Flash Memory Cast in Plastic Material. The Data can be Restored only by krMedia Recovery over the golden point (service pins).

An SD data recovery depends on the type of data loss at relatively low cost - our prices are already beginning from 60.00 € The chance to save data to, but slightly smaller than hard drives, since there are so many different (sometimes unidentifiable) Controller Types . krMedia data recovery can read almost all types of memory cards. This also includes the Speichchips which cancel other data recovery data recovery to no avail. See right.

krMedia called them basically fixed prices. So they always know what price they expect. They experience no nasty surprises.

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The big black rectangle is the memory chip. Since there are no cracks on it, data rescue is possible.

>> We tell you in advance the price for the service (
>> We support cost-containment (
See order Form).

You want to have your data back? Then they should trust the krMedia data recovery. No data recovery gets more back than the date krMedia data recovery.


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